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4 Essential Tips For Eye Makeup To Enhance Your Eyes!
28 Apr

4 Essential Tips For Eye Makeup To Enhance Your Eyes!

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How to make our eyes attractive and impressive, the ancient people have known it a long time before, we can see from the Egyptian arts of thousands of years ago, they draw heavy black eyeliners like what we do nowadays, that's how we decorate our eyeliners. 

Actually, eyeliners do not exist physiologically, it's totally an artificial line which we draw on our eyes, it's a skill to beauty, ornament and even change the shape of our eyes.

Here are 4 tips for decorating our eyeliners:

We can use eye-liner pencil, liquid eye-liner, eye-liner cream and false eyelashes

1. Eye-liner pencil draws gentle, soft lines, it fits beginners best, but need to pay attention to sharp eye-liner pencils to avoid hurting your eyes.

2. Liquid eye-liner usually draws thick lines, you need to hold the brush stable to avoid the line too heavy, it's not easy.

3. Eye-liner cream is a bit hard to control which needs to handle by a professional person. 

4. Mink lashes are the most easiest and marked way to make your eyes absorbing. It's very easy, just brush the glue to the band of eyelashes, and stick them to your eyes. They usually last more than 20 wears if they are used in certain ways. The glue is safe, no need to worry about irritating your skin. And faux lashes are usually made of natural mink hair or soft fiber, which looks real.

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