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Tips About How To Use And Maintain Your Mink Eyelashes!

Some girl's mink lashes are really expensive and in very good quality. It's a pity to throw them away for only one time use. Do you know that mink lashes with good maintaining can be reused for a long time? No doubt! Here are some tips about how to use and maintain your mink eyelashes.

Essential Tools You Need For A Mink Lashes Application!

For a girl who loves beauty, applying mink lashes is a necessary course. However, as a new makeup artist, applying mink lashes seems a difficult part to learn. Here's some tips and processes for you. With a little practice and the right tools, you would find the mink lash application is so easy! You are the handy girl.

Makeup Artistry: Mink Lashes Are A Girl's Best Friend!

Hi girls, mink lashes are our best friend! Who said a girl’s best friend is a diamond? Well, I guess they don't know what is mink lashes. The lashes only cost range from $10 to $30 each pair, they instantly take your eyes to the next level, no matter you are wearing makeup or not.

The Best Mink Lashes To Compliment Your Eye Shape

There are plenty of lashes designs and styles available on the market that could instantly enhance your makeup by larger and deeper eyes. Knowing how to select the right mink lash style and brands is vital. Here we will guide you on steps to achieve the perfect eye look whether that's almond, monolid, round or hooded.

2020 False Eyelashes Trends That You Should To Try

No need to explain further, eyelashes are key for the whole makeup. Statics shows no matter false lashes or lash extensions numbers both increase steadily, also there is a trend to keep up in 2021. As the lash industry keeps evolving, we would like to share with you some trends you should to try for 2020.

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