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Wholesale Mink Lashes For Private Label With Your Logo!

Every girl loved mink lashes and mink lashes are more and more popular now. So mink lashes have become a big business opportunity for girls who'd like to start their own business lines.

Why 3D Mink Lashes Are So Popular And Hot Selling!

Why 3D Mink Lashes Are More and More Popular Nowadays! False strip eyelashes are a quick-and-easy way to amplify your eyes and can make you look glamorous and attractive. They’re definitely a way to get some eye contact going!

How To Find A Good Lash Vendor!

Ready to start your lashes business? The important first thing is that you need to find a reliable lash vendor. Then how to find a good lash vendor? Do you know more than 90% of false lashes in the markets all over the world are made in China? Since China is the central base of lashes manufacturing, it's no doubt that to buy from the Chinese lashes factory directly is your best choice.

4 Essential Tips For Eye Makeup To Enhance Your Eyes!

How to make our eyes attractive and impressive, the ancient people have known it a long time before, we can see from the Egyptian arts of thousands of years ago, they draw heavy black eyeliners like what we do nowadays, that's how we decorate our eyeliners. Actually, eyeliners do not exist physiologically, it's totally an artificial line which we draw on our eyes, it's a skill to beauty, ornament and even change the shape of our eyes.

Tips About How To Use And Maintain Your Mink Eyelashes!

Some girl's mink lashes are really expensive and in very good quality. It's a pity to throw them away for only one time use. Do you know that mink lashes with good maintaining can be reused for a long time? No doubt! Here are some tips about how to use and maintain your mink eyelashes.

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