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How To Find A Good Lash Vendor!
02 Aug

How To Find A Good Lash Vendor!

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Ready to start your lashes business? The important first thing is that you need to find a reliable lash vendor. Then how to find a good lash vendor? Do you know more than 90% of false lashes in the markets all over the world are made in China?
Since China is the central base of lashes manufacturing, it's no doubt that to buy from the Chinese lashes factory directly is your best choice. 

Here are 4 tips for you.
a. Good quality 
Quality wins the market, it affects your customers' purchasing decisions and your profitability. So you need better quality products to earn your customers and to compete with your rivals. Mi Lashes Factory mainly focuses on high-quality handmade mink lashes and faux mink lashes manufacturing and we succeed in the industry for more than 20 years. We clearly labeled our products' material to our customers, never mix synthetic material into mink lashes, all our mink lashes are real mink lashes. This is very important to beginners of lash business with less experience, a good lashes vendor as Mi Lashes Factory is very important to your startup.

b. Good communications
Good communication is the second important thing to your business, because there're so many types of lashes, as a beginner to lash business with less experience, you need to learn the products accurately and quickly. The staffs in Mi Lashes Factory are well trained professional sales with more than 23 years experience in lashes importing careers in average, we served more than 3000 customers all over the world, we know lashes products very well and we can communicate fluently with our customers in English, Russian and Japanese, etc. Good communication helps you to grasp the features of every product quickly and to avoid misunderstandings, which helps you to save time and money.

c. Good processing time
Want to receive your package as soon as possible when you placed the order? Mi Lashes Factory understands you very much, we keep an enormous quantity of stocks, and our experienced warehousemen handle every order precisely and punctually, each of your orders needs only 0-3 working days to process. And we cooperated closely with global express companies such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, etc. the shipping time usually is 3-5 days. Our customer service department will update the tracking numbers early in the day. Then you can get your package within 10 days after you place the order with clearly tracking information.

d. Good service
Besides the lash products, Mi Lashes Factory provides several extra services as customized packaging, logo designing, complement accessories purchasing, etc. We provide the services that can help you to establish your lash brand at one stand. And MI Lashes Factory also supplies multiple business packages for customers to choose from, these packages select 20, 30, 50, and 100 pairs of lashes together with proper accessories from the top sellers to help the lashes business beginners to cut in the lash market quickly.

Ready to start your lashes business? Mi Lashes Factory is your best choice. As a leading factory based wholesale mink lashes vendor, we have service more than 30,000 wholesale lashes clients around the world! Welcome!

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