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Makeup Artistry: Mink Lashes Are A Girl's Best Friend!
26 Oct

Makeup Artistry: Mink Lashes Are A Girl's Best Friend!

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Hi girls, mink lashes are our best friend! Who said a girl’s best friend is a diamond? Well, I guess they don't know what is mink lashes. The lashes only cost range from $10 to $30 each pair, they instantly take your eyes to the next level, no matter you are wearing makeup or not.

Especially when girls who have rare lashes or the length of the lashes are way too short. Mink lashes are a life savor. Whether you are a lash pro or green hand, once you have your eyes touched with those lashes, the magic begins. According to sales data, mink eyelashes are increasing steadily and would keep this trend for at least two or three years. Nobody dislikes a glamorous look.

What is mink lashes?
Mink lashes are made of mink's fur, the same as human hair. The most advantage of mink lashes is soft, fluffy as well as light-weighted. Don't worry, all mink lashes from Mi Lashes Factory are animal cruelty-free products. If you are a green hand wearing false lashes, you might take a look at our blog.

What's the lifespan of mink lashes?
Unlike other types of false eyelashes, mink lashes could last up to 20-30 times. Mink lashes come from natural fur of mink, silk and faux mink lashes are man-made synthetic lashes. However, this doesn't mean we can do whatever we want. On the other hand, lash hairs are fragile and they are made by machine, following the below guideline to keep our looks shining without hurting our purse.   

How to remove and clean the mink lashes?
After taking off those lashes, we need to wash them clean to better be prepared to wear next time. The most important issue is we need to try getting the lash glue out of our mink lash band completely. To begin with, we need a tweezer to get the glue off as much as possible. Use one hand to hand the lash hair, another hand can pulling the glue by tweezer in the opposite way. Gradually, you will see the band looks much better. Next, as we are holding the lash on hand, we could have the q-tip dipped with soapy water to gently rub the hair. A few mins later, you will see some gunk is peeling off eventually. Lastly, wrap your lash with tissue to dry the eyelashes. If you are in a hurry, a hair drier is another choice.

How to take care properly?
First of first, always keep in mind acting very careful when touching your mink lashes. Start with a gentle grab on the lash band instead of lash hair to avoid damage lash hair. The last tip that many users ignore easily always keeps your original lash package since it helps to reserve the perfect curl and protecting from dust.

If you can't wait to try fluffy and wispy mink lashes now, check more on wholesaleminklashes.com for more styles!

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