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Tips About How To Use And Maintain Your Mink Eyelashes!
07 Jan

Tips About How To Use And Maintain Your Mink Eyelashes!

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Some girl's mink lashes are really expensive and in very good quality. It's a pity to throw them away for only one time use. Do you know that mink lashes with good maintaining can be reused for a long time? No doubt! Here are some tips about how to use and maintain your mink eyelashes.

Make Up

Do not put eye shadow or mascara on mink lashes.

Using eye shadow before wearing mink eyelashes. So that the eye shadow can be prevented from being stained on false eyelashes, making it dirty and difficult to be removed.

Do not brush mascara on mink lashes, mink lashes will be destroyed once. 

If the natural and false eyelashes can not be combined evenly, you can use the electric eyelash clip to electrically lift your real eyelashes, so that the natural and false eyelashes can be combined nicely.

Make Up Removal

1. If it's easy to tear off the eyelash glue, it certainly can't stick firmly. So you still have to choose the glue that sticks firmly, and it will be difficult to pull it off.

2. Never pull it out with your hands. This will not only relax the eyelids, but also pull out the original eyelashes, and will easily damage the mink eyelashes.

3. Use a cotton swab to cover the makeup remover (liquid), and brush the root of the mink eyelashes several times to let the makeup remover penetrate into the gap between the mink eyelashes and eyelids

4. Use a cotton swab to gently brush down the root of the mink eyelashes, the glue will slowly dissolve, the mink eyelashes will fall off, or become very loose, you just need to gently take it down.


1. Put the mink eyelashes into a small bowl, and then pour in an appropriate amount of makeup remover. The makeup remover should be slightly less than the mink eyelashes. Soak for 5-10 minutes.

2. Poke it with a little cotton stick to stab the place where the mink eyelashes are dirty (that is, glue and mascara), and then find that the dirt is slowly dissolved.

3. You will find that it is difficult to clean the eyelash glue in the area of eyelash stem. You can tear the glue off slowly with your lash tweezers.

4. Put the cleaned mink eyelashes in warm water. Then gently swing the mink eyelashes with tweezers and rinse them dry.

5. When it's dry, you can put it away and keep it in a special eyelash box.

There are also some more tips to be aware of

1. Mink eyelashes also need to be combed. Combing false eyelashes can also make it better integrate with real eyelashes

2. No often touching! Curly and charming eyelashes are very attractive, but they are weakly. It can’t stop touching your lashes, especially if they start to feel uncomfortable or loose. You need change your eyelash adhesive to make your eyelashes more comfortable and firmer instead of touching them.

For false eyelashes, the harder the material is, the more difficult it is to deform, and the more times it can be reused. On the contrary, the softer it is, the easier it is to deform and the fewer times it is reused. For example, if nylon plastic false eyelashes are properly maintained, they can be reused for more than 20 times; if cotton thread and human hair false eyelashes are properly maintained, they can also be used for about 5 times.

Take good care of your false eyelashes, girls. It's really simple, it will help your false eyelashes look beautiful and lasting. Mi Lashes Factory offer wholesale mink lashes at very competitive factory prices with a small minimum. Welcome to shop mink lashes at our factory store.

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